If you are not satisfied with your product, then we will refund you, or replace your AQUAVIS if faulty.  
See AQUAVIS Rain Visor, in action
  Some Letters from our already satisified customers   
  I suffer from "Watering Eyes" - the slightest cool wind starts my eyes watering and that in turn stops me focusing on the ball and general vision becomes blurred until I dry my eyes - after a time of constantly drying the eyes they become very sore. Somewhere I had read that your Aquavis Rainsheild (which incidentally I already possessed but seldom used) could alleviate the "watering eyes" problem. So I tried it. - It is perfect and now I use it more and more - the slightest indication of "watering eyes' and on goes the Aquavis and the watering eyes cease. Kind Regards Tim Yates  

Dear nice AQUAVIS people,
As a spectacle-wearing mountaineer and author/photographer who has to be out in all weathers, I cannot thank you enough for the AQUAVIS Rain Visor. It has revolutionised my vision in foul weather and has improved my safety immeasurably.  I believe it is the best origional item of mountaineering equipment I have purchased in a long time (and you can quote me on that !)   Meanwhile, would you please send me another as I lost mine in the High Tatra this summer.
All the best
Ralph Storer


Thankyou very much for the AQUAVIS.
Harry Secombe


One or two of my club colleagues were at once impressed with my AQUAVIS as I didn’t wipe my glasses once as they did theirs frequently. Please send me ten.
P Unger


I am really delighted with the AQUAVIS. I can now see what I’m doing in the rain.
B Wilshaw

  Having seen several ladies in our Golf Club using AQUAVIS Please send me four for myself and friends.
B Read

I have been absolutely delighted with AQUAVIS.   I wanted to stop playing golf when it rained, I now can carry on without any trouble at all.
J Nott


Would you please send me four more of AQUAVIS.  These are proving extremely successful both on the golf course and on shooting days.
K Chalmers-Watson


I can now continue with my golf.  Wishing you all the best.
R Flavell


Many thanks, it’s a great product.  Good luck with it.
M Green


I found it very comfortable and gave good protection. Also, it was very windy at the time
V Ellinor


I am able to report that AQUAVIS is excellent, also,  congratulations on your excellent service.
F Haynes


I tried your AQUAVIS today. I was very pleased with it.   Please send me another one.
A Bates


I purchased an AQUAVIS and recommended to my friends.  Please send me two more.

P Stuart Smith


Please send me an AQUAVIS as soon as possible.
H Johnson


Please send me an AQUAVIS as I am off to Ireland. Rain, rain, rain, no doubt.  Could I take this opportunity to praise you for the
excellent service my recently expired visor has given me.  I bought it from you 8 years ago.
P Quine


Thank you for the AQUAVIS you sent me.  I am a Hill Walker  and I think your AQUAVIS is excellent and also very light and comfortable.  I know from previous experience a cagoule and cap are insufficient, my glasses now remain completely dry.
J Stewart


Many thanks for your prompt attention. My husband thinks it’s the best thing since sliced bread.
EF Birclenough


I will not say it is a pleasure to play golf in the rain, at least it’s a darn sight easier thanks to your visor.
F McCraney


Best invention ever.
P Sparks


A golfing friend of mine wears a wonderful product of yours, please send me one.
A Gordon


It has has turned out to be one of the best things I have ever bought in the way of golf equipment
E Vivian Thomas

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