Rain Visor

The Rain Visor

For sportsmen and sportswomen who wear specs


    The bespectacled sportsman and sportswoman, will only be too aware, of the added handicap when playing sports in the rain. A normal visor, cap, or hat does not provide adequate protection. However, AQUAVIS rain visor has proved to be highly effective in protecting your glasses from rain, from any direction. It also prevents your eyes from watering in windy weather.    
    Made from a clear polymer, the AQUAVIS rain visor is both tough and light. It has an adjustable headband and can be worn with any hat or cap and it folds away in a protective case, to be stowed away, convieniently, in your sports bag, when not in use.    

The AQUAVIS rain visor does not restrict your vision in any way, making it an ideal addition for the outdoor sportsperson.

    Please feel free to read some letters from our already satisfied customers, or view an excerpt from the sports section of the 'Today' newspaper, an exceprt from the Shooting Times, or you can even see it in action here and here    
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